Silver Beauty: 1968 Dodge Monaco

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It seems that silver station wagons are seldom seen but looking at this 1968 Dodge Monaco wagon I’d love to to see more. The  woodgrain/silver combination works well on car I’m accustomed to seeing in drab olive green.

Not much information is given on this Craigslist find other than it is said to be in mint condition with one repaint. The original woodgrain finish looks fantastic, a testament to the care of the wagon. The Monaco is powered by a 383 2bbl V8 with automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes.  I’d love to see 3rd row seating, but I’d be nitpicking on what is a very nice car that has somehow avoided the ravages of time and family hauling all these years.

Fairly priced at $9,500 OBO, make sure you have plenty left over for gas.


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1955 Cadillac Broadmoor Skyview

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Customized Cadillac station wagons were first built in the early 50′s by custom coachbuilders whose clients were often hotels looking for luxurious and spacious transportation for hauling their guests. Hess & Eisenhardt was one of these coachbuilders who built several 1955 Cadillac Skyview wagons for the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.

Using a commercial chassis as a base, the upper sections of the rear side doors and the quarter windows were exclusive.  The rear door was a modified hearse door with a modified stock Cadillac door handle.  They have a unique 3 piece rear glass which is the same as is used on a hearse.  1955  Broadmoor Skyviews also had special Eldorado wheel openings.

With a package of 3 wagons available out of a reported 6 manufactured there are plenty of parts to pull off a single restoration but Cadillacs of this era are expensive restorations not for the faint of heart.

These Cadillac wagons can be found on Ebay.



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Air-Grain: 1967 Plymouth Fury

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True woodies were gone by 1967, a victim of the expense and effort it took to maintain a car finished in wood. By the 1960′s faux woodgrain and plastic was widely used to maintain the handsome woody look that was still in demand. Fast forward 40 plus years later and we have a new take on the woody wagon- a 1967 Plymouth Fury III found on Ebay with a pretty amazing airbrushed woodgrain finish. This is probably a love it or hate it car but for me I think it’s a very cool wagon.

Once you’ve admired painted woodgrain, there is a nice solid car to behold. Extremely clean in and out, the Fury comes with a 383 V8, automatic transmission and ice cold factory air. The massive Fury is said to start right up and drive and run very well.

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Microwagon: 1948 Crosley

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Ahead of its time by offering subcompact cars to the American consumer,  Crosley Motors had a small niche in the crowded auto marketplace of postwar America. The best year for Crosley was 1948 when 24,871 cars were sold but sales quickly deteriorated and by 1952 only 1,522 models were sold leading to the end of Crosley production on July 3rd of 1952. Perhaps Crosley’s biggest downfall was cheap gas and America’s increasing horsepower demand.

This Ebay find 1948 Crosley station wagon would be the perfect curio for any event that is sure to draw plenty of “whatzits?” Solid and straight, it’s not  a perfect car, but nevertheless very presentable.

The tiny 44 c.i. engine produces a whopping 26hp, but the upside is the Crosley’s mileage was upwards of 50 mpg. Take a look at the engine bay and the simplicity of the mechanics suggest that a wrench and a screwdriver would be sufficient for any engine part access.


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454 Clamshell: 1973 Chevrolet Impala

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Having been toted around in one of these as a kid I have a special appreciation for a 70′s clamshell wagon. Just seeing the pictures of this Ebay find 1973 Impala, brings me back inside the spacious interior where I found refuge from my annoying older sisters by claiming the third seat as my own- an especially nice feature on family vacations.

This one doesn’t have the 9 passenger seating, but it does come with a 454 V8, great for power but not so great with the mileage. One has to wonder if the original purchaser had buyers remorse when just 3 months after purchasing this massive wagon the oil embargo hit and gas became expensive and scarce.

The seller doesn’t give a lot of details about the car other than it’s a former AACA Original Class winner,  is matching numbers and has a nice list of options including air conditioning, full power, cruise and an AM 8 track player. The car is said to run and drive great. Mileage is listed at 99,117 but a look at the paperwork shows that the odometer had hit 109,684 back in 1978.

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Survivor: 1982 Mercedes 300TD

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It seems like there is always a nice supply of meticulously maintained 300 series Mercedes diesel wagons available on the market. Owners tend to be fanatic about maintenance and these cars seem to run forever. A Mercedes diesel with 150,000 miles can be considered low mileage and it’s not uncommon to see these last half a million miles or more.

With all the 300TD wagons we’ve come across over the past couple of years this Ebay find 1982 300TD is the nicest example we’ve seen. With only 86,466 miles on the odometer and a history of being fully maintained, this car looks nearly perfect inside and out.

Originally purchased through the European Delivery Program in February of 1982, the car was shipped to California where it was owned by a German machinist before being passed on to his son in 2008.

Never off the line speed burners, these wagons will give you the great road feel you would expect from a German car along with excellent gas mileage.

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Barn Fresh: 1967 Chevrolet Impala

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Pictures of a dusty car in a cramped storage space lends evidence that this Ebay find 1967 Chevrolet Impala 9 passenger station wagon hasn’t seen the light of day for some time. A good cleaning has revealed a very solid 31,000 mile gem of a car that is said to start right up and purr. No mention is made of how long the Tahoe Turquoise Impala sat but a thorough fluid replacement would be a wise choice to ensure mechanical longevity. Unusual for an Impala is the 4 speed column shift manual transmission and dog dish hubcaps.  With the manual transmission, the 283c.i. 190 hp should be adequate power for the big wagon.

As nice as this car looks, some further detailing could really bring it to the next level. Some minor work is needed to fix a few minor scrapes and dings and an easy engine compartment detail would also help.


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Sleeper: 1963 Pontiac Catalina Safari

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This Ebay find 1963 Pontiac Catalina Safari station wagon started as a family’s vacation car to drive between Chicago and their Estes Park, Colorado vacation home. Nicely optioned, the Catalina featured a 267HP 389 V8, automatic transmission, factory air, and six passenger seating. Comfort, convenience and nice performance for a highway driver.

When the new owner, a Pontiac performance enthusiast purchased the car with just 36,000 miles in 2005, he saw an opportunity to turn this well preserved Pontiac into a performer that would look like it came right out of the factory.  A period correct Borg-Warner floor shift manual transmission was added as well as a numbers correct four barrel intake manifold with a Carter AFB carburetor. A dual exhaust replaced the factory single exhaust and Pontiac 8 lug wheels were added completing the performance transformation.

With all the mechanical upgrades, a real nice touch is the conversion to bucket seats from the factory bench seats. A donor Pontiac supplied the seats but the material from the original bench seat was used resulting in a perfect match with the rest of the original material.

We really like this one. There are plenty of restomod wagons out there so it’s nice to see the period correct mods on this one.


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End of the Road: 1958 Packard

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Three years ago we featured a very nice Ebay find 1958 Packard that failed to meet the reserve as biding reached $25,000. These end of the line Packards that are often called “Packardbakers” due the the merger of Packard and Studebaker can be tough to value as there are only an estimated 20 surviving examples out of the 159 that were manufactured.

This Ebay find 1958 Packard wagon is an honest original driver that has a BIN of $13,500. So the question is if the market for a very nice example is 25K, does buying this one at $13,500 give you enough room to sink 10-12 grand into to bring it up to the standards of a 25K example?

The body looks solid and the chrome and trim looks to be in good shape and all there. There is evidence of some minor rust in the doors, possibly a result leaking window seals. The undercarriage is described as being in good condition. The interior is all original but needs to be completely redone. Despite the rarity of these end of the line Packards,  interior materials are available.  Mechanically the car runs and drives well but expect some issues as a worst case scenario. What’s your conclusion? Is this worth it at $13,500

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1968 Peugeot 404

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A few weeks ago Jalopnik featured this 1968 Peugeot 404 station wagon on ‘Nice Price or Crack Pipe‘ where internet car finds are voted on by the readers as to whether the car is a good buy at the advertised price. Originally on Craigslist, this cute little French wagon was priced at $2,800 which I along with 71% of the readers agreed was a nice price. After all the car was described as a 62,000 original mile black plate California car that had no major issues and as a bonus came with complete service records. Sure, it’s not much on performance, but the clean styling- especially the grill make it interesting enough for the right kind of driver.

The car didn’t sell on Craigslist at the advertised price and now it has ended up on Ebay where very quickly the bidding has exceeded the sellers original asking price, so we have the rare occasion where the seller has undervalued his car. It will be interesting to see how far off he was on his original asking price.


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