Classic Red Wagon: 1962 Impala

Filed Under (Chevrolet) by Station Wagon Finder on 12-12-2011

Update 1/8/2012: Car sold for $10,850
Found on Ebay is this two owner 1962 Chevrolet Impala Wagon with 59,948 miles on the odometer. With a 235 6 cylinder engine and a 2 speed Powerglide this car may be ripe for a restomod, or just a nice economical cruiser. Having owned a ’64 Impala with the same powerplant I can attest to the fact that this is a pretty decent engine- much nicer than the Ford sixes of the era.



1962_impala_station_wagon3The Impala station wagon was recently repainted in the original Roman Red.  A close up reveals an average but presentable paint job.
A new interior is needed. Luckily interior parts are easy to find for these Impalas
1962_impala_station_wagon6The seller says the mechanics are in excellent working order and the car is in “get in and go” condition.  Engine compartment reveals a detail attempt in black, easily fixed with such a large engine compartment.

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