OMG! No way Dad: 1981 Volvo 240

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Update 3/8/2012: Car sold for $4,500

Pity the poor father who tries to help his daughter by surprising her with a car. The owner of this Ebay find 1981 Volvo 240 station wagon purchased the car from the original owner with the intention of giving it to his daughter after she obtained her learners permit. Safe, built like a tank and in beautiful shape, it seemed like the perfect gift for a new driver. One look at it from his daughter and she said “Thanks Dad, but NO WAY I’m driving this old mans car”!

Well, her loss is going to be some lucky persons gain. This Volvo is described as one of the nicest Volvo wagons around. The original owner kept the car in meticulous shape and has all the service records to back his claim including a log of every gas purchase from day one. The new owner drove the car 500 miles from Virginia to it’s destination in Vermont without any issues.

Here’s hoping Dad makes a few bucks on his good intentions gone awry!




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