7,573 Miles: 1980 Buick Century

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Low mileage cars always get my attention so when I saw this super low mileage Buick Century station wagon on Craigslist I just had to do a little research as not much information was given. What is stated in the ad is the asking price is $6,000 and that there is good new headliner, muffler and tailpipe, battery, and heater hoses. The paint is described as showing it’s age and that the mileage is 7,573…wait a minute! when a car is that low in miles there has to be a good story behind it. With a bit of internet sleuthing I found that the car went up for auction about 2 years ago. The story in that listing tells of a buyer purchasing a defaulted storage unit that not only had this car but also included a 1980 Buick Regal that also had around 7,000 miles. The cars were owned by two little old ladies who only drove them to church and back (we’ve heard that one before!) After the women passed away, their caretaker inherited the cars and put them into storage where he eventually defaulted on the payments.

1980 Buick Century staion wagon 1

1980 Buick Century staion wagon 2

I discovered that the person who purchased the Century wagon also purchased the low mileage Regal. No images of that one but I’d love to see those as well. The new owner posted on Stationwagonforums about his finds two years ago. It’s not clear if the current owner is the person who originally purchased these form the storage unit.

1980 Buick Century staion wagon 3

1980 Buick Century station wagon 4

The pictures definitely support the claim of being a super low mileage original car. A car like this is not likely to ever be highly collectable but it seems like the perfect car to buy at a fair price, maybe put a little work in to assure its roadworthy and just enjoy it as is. With the mileage so low there is a good chance you could drive it for years relatively trouble free.

1980 Buick Century station wagon 5

1980 Buick Century station wagon 6

1980 Buick Century station wagon 7

1980 Buick Century station wagon 8



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