17,142 Miles: 1978 Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country

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In 1978 Chrysler was nearing bankruptcy. They were a victim of a poorly executed earlier expansion, high gas prices, several recessions, poor build quality and cars that were behind the times in consumer tastes. Looking back nearly forty years later there are certain Chrysler models that in retrospect give you some insight into the companies failures including this 1978 LeBaron Town & Country adorned in full simulated wood paneling. By 1978 woodie wagons were already relics of the past, faded into oblivion by the early 70′s. Don’t get me wrong,  I absolutely love this car now but this is exactly the car I hated when I was in high school in 1978!

Just 17,142 miles form new and in impeccable condition, this 1978 Chysler LeBaron is Town & Country is likely as nice an example that you will find. Up for auction by Cascadia Classics via Bring a Trailer it will be interesting to see where the bidding goes with this one. I’m going to go with a 11-13K final bid.

1978 Chysler LeBaron town country 1

The car was reportedly originally purchased in Idaho but spent its life in Spokane, Washington. No information is given about its usage over the years but cars that have such low mileage always seem to have a good story. The seller acquired the car in November of 2016 and had the original tires replaced. The originals are included with the purchase.

1978 Chysler LeBaron town country 2

1978 Chysler LeBaron town country 3

Some warping can be seen in the plastic wood paneling- one of the few flaws on an otherwise extremely solid original survivor.

1978 Chysler LeBaron town country 4

1978 Chysler LeBaron town country 5

1978 Chysler LeBaron town country 6

1978 Chysler LeBaron town country 7

The caramel colored interior compliments the brown metallic paint well. Carpets, seats, door panels and dash all look excellent throughout. Big cushy seats, a trademark of any 70′s luxury car are ready to pull you in like a bean bag chair. The Dolly Parton 8 Track will be a perfect first listen for the new owner!

1978 Chysler LeBaron town country 8

1978 Chysler LeBaron town country 9

1978 Chysler LeBaron town country 10

A 318 V8 with an automatic transmission is the wagons powerplant. No mention of any driving issues but the seller has used it as a daily driver for several months. One upgrade that the seller did make was the addition of a new distributor, ECU, ballast resistor, and factory-style wiring to replace the ‘Electronic Lean Burn System’ that was a common problem area.

1978 Chysler LeBaron town country 11

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