Microwagon: 1948 Crosley

Filed Under (Crosley) by Station Wagon Finder on 03-23-2012

Ahead of its time by offering subcompact cars to the American consumer,  Crosley Motors had a small niche in the crowded auto marketplace of postwar America. The best year for Crosley was 1948 when 24,871 cars were sold but sales quickly deteriorated and by 1952 only 1,522 models were sold leading to the end of Crosley production on July 3rd of 1952. Perhaps Crosley’s biggest downfall was cheap gas and America’s increasing horsepower demand.

This Ebay find 1948 Crosley station wagon would be the perfect curio for any event that is sure to draw plenty of “whatzits?” Solid and straight, it’s not  a perfect car, but nevertheless very presentable.

The tiny 44 c.i. engine produces a whopping 26hp, but the upside is the Crosley’s mileage was upwards of 50 mpg. Take a look at the engine bay and the simplicity of the mechanics suggest that a wrench and a screwdriver would be sufficient for any engine part access.


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