20,500 Miles: 1965 Dodge Custom 880

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Update 1/22/2017: Car sold for $6,700. Well bought!

Low mileage wagons are tough to find.  After all most of them were used to haul families on  long vacations and generally were subject to plenty of wear and tear so it’s always nice to see an intact low mileage survivor like this Dodge Custom 880. The Custom 880 was the middle range full size Dodge for 1965 with the Polara being the top of the line offering and the Monaco being the entry level selection. The seller of this wagon lists the mileage at 20,500 but doesn’t offer any documentation or a history in his short description but the overall condition of the car definitely support that this is a low mileage survivor. This Dodge can be found on Ebay and is located in South Woodstock, Connecticut.

1965 dodge 880 1

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Silver Beauty: 1968 Dodge Monaco

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It seems that silver station wagons are seldom seen but looking at this 1968 Dodge Monaco wagon I’d love to to see more. The  woodgrain/silver combination works well on car I’m accustomed to seeing in drab olive green.

Not much information is given on this Craigslist find other than it is said to be in mint condition with one repaint. The original woodgrain finish looks fantastic, a testament to the care of the wagon. The Monaco is powered by a 383 2bbl V8 with automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes.  I’d love to see 3rd row seating, but I’d be nitpicking on what is a very nice car that has somehow avoided the ravages of time and family hauling all these years.

Fairly priced at $9,500 OBO, make sure you have plenty left over for gas.


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1956 Dodge Sierra

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This 1956 Dodge Sierra station wagon found on Ebay is an older restoration that still looks great. The Dodge is finished in a classic tri-color paint job of Oriental Coral, Iridescent Charcoal and white for the roof. The interior is freshly restored in black and white vinyl.

Options include full time power steering, power brakes and pushbutton transmission. The car is said to run and drive fantastic.

I’ve always thought of ’56 Dodges as having a modest fin treatment but the rear styling on the ’56 Dodge wagons really accentuates the fins, almost looking like the fins of a ’57 Chevy.

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Original SUV: 1962 Dodge Town Wagon

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Update 2/15/2012: Reserve was not met with the bidding topping out at $17,300

SUV’s popularity surged in the 1990′s but the roots of the SUV go back much earlier with vehicles like the Jeep Wagoneer, the Chevy Suburban and this Dodge Town Wagon. Typically offered as both panel vehicles for business use and rear window models for family hauling, the early SUV’s could be ordered in 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive configurations.

Found on Ebay, This  2 wheel drive 1962 Dodge Town Wagon is said to drive and run as it should. The body, paint and interior all look to be in excellent condition. The wagon is powered by a 360 V8 and a pushbutton Torqueflight transmission.

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Family Treasure: 1966 Dodge Polara 880

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This beautiful 1966 Dodge Polara 880 9 passenger station wagon found on Ebay, is one family owned with only 57,000 original miles on the odometer. The bronze paint looks fantastic on this wagon that seems to go on forever. The interior looks just as good as the outside with very little visible wear. The 318/225hp V8 is said to drive like brand new.

As good as the photos look, the seller says they don’t do the car justice!

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Rare and Ready:2 1959 Dodge Sierra Spectators

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With only 3,437  Dodge Sierra Spectators manufactured,  this is a very rare car indeed. I’ve come across two examples of this model for sale; both with matching color schemes. The first one found at Cars-on-line is listed for $37,500 OBO.  Rare options include a swivel seat, power steering, power brakes, power rear window, wire wheels, full tinted glass, dual rear view mirrors, deluxe factory AM radio and a Kleenex dispenser. The advertiser says the car spent its life in California and is 100% original.

The second Dodge Spectator offered for $15,900 at tnlgarage.com isn’t as loaded as the first one, but it does appear to be a very solid original car. The seller states the the car is a daily driver and comes equipped with a 361 V8 and pushbutton transmission.

1959 Dodge Spectator offered at $37,500

1959 Dodge Sierra Spectator 1

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