Sweeping Lines: 1968 Buick Sport Wagon

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The downward sweeping spear and portholes were trademarks of Buick in the 1950′s but both disappeared by early 1960′s with the downward spear making a bit of a comeback in the late 1960′s which is especially accentuated in this 1968 Buick Sport Wagon.  A well defined simulated wood applique is broken by the Buick’s sweeping look giving it one of the more unusual ‘wood wagon’ looks of the era. This Sport Wagon has the ‘Vista’ roof which was more known as an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser trademark. The Buick is listed on Ebay in Flager Beach, Florida

1968 Buick Sport Wagon 1

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7,573 Miles: 1980 Buick Century

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Low mileage cars always get my attention so when I saw this super low mileage Buick Century station wagon on Craigslist I just had to do a little research as not much information was given. What is stated in the ad is the asking price is $6,000 and that there is good new headliner, muffler and tailpipe, battery, and heater hoses. The paint is described as showing it’s age and that the mileage is 7,573…wait a minute! when a car is that low in miles there has to be a good story behind it. With a bit of internet sleuthing I found that the car went up for auction about 2 years ago. The story in that listing tells of a buyer purchasing a defaulted storage unit that not only had this car but also included a 1980 Buick Regal that also had around 7,000 miles. The cars were owned by two little old ladies who only drove them to church and back (we’ve heard that one before!) After the women passed away, their caretaker inherited the cars and put them into storage where he eventually defaulted on the payments.

1980 Buick Century staion wagon 1

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2 Door Conversion: 1965 Buick Sport Wagon

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Buick Sport Wagons were pretty cool in their own right. You had the skyroof that was shared with the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, bucket seats and sporty wheels that maybe made it a nice compromise for the Father who really had his hopes set on something other than as practical as station wagon. You would think that with the moniker ‘Sport Wagon’ a 2 door version would be in order but Buick only offered 4 door wagons during its run of producing the Sport Wagon. Fast forward some 50 years and here we have it, a 2 door conversion that looks completely stock. Kudos to the builder who for executing the conversion so flawlessly. From time to time I’ll run across wagons converted to a 2 door version but usually they are customized heavily.

Located in Phoenix, you can find this Sport Wagon on Craigslist with an asking price of $25,000.

1965 Buick Sport Wagon 1

Combining sportiness and practicality Buick Sport Wagons were nice in their own right. Whats especially well done on this 2 door conversion is turning it into a hardtop as if it came off the assembly line that way.

1965 Buick Sport Wagon

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Fireball Powered: 1962 Buick Special

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This 1962 Buick Special station wagon is described as a ‘pristine original classic’ with just 47,285 miles on the odometer. The deep sculpting that defines a ’62 Buick works well on this wagon. Described as rust free throughout, there has been one repaint in the correct Mirror Magic Laquer paint that the seller says is an off white color. The pictures aren’t the greatest, but to us the color looks more like a light yellow. The all vinyl interior which was touted by Buick as ‘Childproof’ appears to have held up extremely well after 50 years. Mechanically the car is said to run, drive and stop well.

The ’62 Specials came with an all new “Fireball V6″ engine that was the first ever American produced V6.  The engine was derived from Buick’s 215 c.i. aluminum V8 and was basically the same architecture as the V8 minus 2 cylinders. Cast in iron, the V6 was cheaper than the aluminum V8 but added 35 lbs to the engine.

You can find this 1962 Buick on  Ebay.

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Last of the Land Yachts: 1993 Buick Roadmaster

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Update 3/8/2012: Car sold for $4,500

In 1993 the only full size American station wagons left were the Chevy Caprice and the Buick Roadmaster. By 1996 these iconic land yachts were gone, a slow death brought on by the emerging popularity of the SUV and the Mini Van. This Ebay find Roadmaster is  a one owner wagon with just 71,050 miles and is described as being in mint condition. The maintainance schedule has been followed from day one including oil changes every 3,000 miles. The car is said to drive perfectly and all electrical options are also said to be in perfect working order.  The vehicle is loaded with options including leather seats.

With styling cues that defined the American station wagon since the 1950′s this massive Roadmaster is the last of a breed.

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Cute as a Button: 1963 Buick Special Deluxe

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A wagon you never see, a full restoration on an already solid car and a price less than ten grand make this 1963 Buick Special Deluxe station wagon one of our favorite finds. Found on Ebay with a  BIN of $9,995, this wagon was born and raised in California where it underwent a complete mechanical and body restoration in 2005 after being purchased from it’s original owner. Extensive photos of the car can be seen at Flickr, including a few restoration photos. Service and repair records going back to 1976 from Bill Murphy Buick in Culver City are included.

Since the restoration was completed the car has been driven approximately 2,500 trouble free miles. The 215 aluminum V8 is described as smooth and powerful. The undercarriage is a testament to it’s California roots with no evidence of ever being exposed to the Winter Elements.

Priced at half of what the owners have invested, and a having a curiosity factor that is sure to draw plenty of interest wherever it is seen, this wagon looks to be a great buy for any wagon enthusiast.


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Buy and Drive: 1960 Buick LeSabre

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Update 12/27/2011: The Buick sold for $12,000

Nice enough to attract plenty of attention but not too nice that it couldn’t be a daily driver is this 1960 Buick LeSabre. Found on Ebay, the seller says the wagon has no mechanical issues and drives like new. With only 2,222 made this rare Buick has the third seat, electric tailgate window, air conditioning and a vacuum tube radio. The front end has been rebuilt which included a 4 wheel alignment. The wagon also has new brakes and shocks.

1960 Buick LeSabre Sation Wagon 1

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Barrett-Jackson Wagon Finds

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With the just concluded Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Here are a few of the more interesting station wagons that crossed the block.

1962 Rambler Cross Country  $13,200

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Hardtop Hauler: 1957 Buick Caballero

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Big and bold, the Century Caballero was Buick’s top of the line wagon for 1957. Caballeros were only built in 1957 and 1958, a victim of the recession and a price tag that was a hefty $600 more than the lower priced Rivera and Special wagons.  This beauty found on Hemmings is just 99 mile removed from a complete restoration that included a transmission rebuild, re-chroming, all new rubber all new tinted glass and new rubber.  The interior and exterior are done in Maroon and Dover White. At $75,000 this beautiful beast doesn’t come cheap but when if ever do you see these on the market?1957 Buick Caballero

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