17,142 Miles: 1978 Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country

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In 1978 Chrysler was nearing bankruptcy. They were a victim of a poorly executed earlier expansion, high gas prices, several recessions, poor build quality and cars that were behind the times in consumer tastes. Looking back nearly forty years later there are certain Chrysler models that in retrospect give you some insight into the companies failures including this 1978 LeBaron Town & Country adorned in full simulated wood paneling. By 1978 woodie wagons were already relics of the past, faded into oblivion by the early 70′s. Don’t get me wrong,¬† I absolutely love this car now but this is exactly the car I hated when I was in high school in 1978!

Just 17,142 miles form new and in impeccable condition, this 1978 Chysler LeBaron is Town & Country is likely as nice an example that you will find. Up for auction by Cascadia Classics via Bring a Trailer it will be interesting to see where the bidding goes with this one. I’m going to go with a 11-13K final bid.

1978 Chysler LeBaron town country 1

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Hemi Project: 1953 Chrysler Town & Country

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This 1953 Chrysler Town and Country station wagon found on Ebay is an early Hemi car ready for restoration. Only 1,242 were made, so remaining examples are few and far between. Surface rust is evident, but a lifetime in Arizona has helped in keeping the body and floors solid. All the interior and exterior trim pieces appear to be intact. The drivetrain is original including the 331 Hemi engine that is said to purr. Brake cylinders are needed but otherwise the car is said to in good mechanical condition. Power steering, brakes and Simplimatic transmission are among the features on this top of the line wagon.

As you can see, these cars are beautiful when finished. This one in the same ‘Sand Beige’ and ‘Metallic Brown’ finish sold at Barrett-Jackson a few years ago for $66,000.
1953 Chrysler Town & Country

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Hardtop Heaven: 1964 Chrysler New Yorker

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Here is a one owner 1964 Chrysler New Yorker 9 passenger hardtop found on Hemmings with a price of $25,000 that is in original and near pristine condition. Seeing the beautiful pillarless design make one wonder why this was the last year of the hardtop wagon. Loaded with the luxurious options of the day, the New Yorker’s white interior is roomy and looks fantastic with the black exterior. The headliner and plastic bows are described as new as is the black plastic steering wheel. The rubber weatherstripping is soft, supple and crack free. The factory air conditioning is said to blow cold and all the gauges are also in working order.

Nothing is harder to maintain than black paint but the original factory black exterior is a testament to how well the New Yorker has been maintained over the years. The chrome, mouldings and exterior script is also original and appears to be near perfect.

Mechanically the powerful New Yorker has a 413ci wedge engine matched with a pushbutton Tourqueflight transmission. The owner says the car still has plenty of power for highway cruising and he even will use it to transport his boat with ease.

With only 1,603 9-passenger New Yorkers produced in 1964 there can’t be too many left and there certainly can’t be too many as original as this one.


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Loaded Gem: 1958 Chrysler New Yorker

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Update: 1/18/2012: Seller pulled the listing early so it must have sold.

Found on Ebay is this top of the line 1958 Chrysler New Yorker loaded with options including factory air, cruise control, full power windows and seats and 9 passenger seating. With only 428 New Yorker Town & Country wagons manufactured and only 14 known to remain this could be the nicest one in existence.

With the rust problems that plague most late 50′s Mopars, a lifetime spent in Arizona and California has spared the wagon of the typical rot. A fully documented restoration was done on the car that began in 1998.

A 392 Hemi, 342 HP V8 powers the car which is paired with a 3-speed Tourque Flight pushbutton transmission. Torsion bar suspension helps give the car a smooth road ride.

The car looks spectacular with it’s deep red exterior and faithfully reproduced red and grey Fontainbleau Jacquard cloth inserts.

Considering what it would cost to restore one today and the rarity of this loaded wagon, the $44,800 BIN price seems very fair.
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3 Speed Manual: 1964 Chrysler Newport

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1963-64 Chryslers have always seemed to be forgotten years for Chrysler, but I’ve always found them to be handsome cars especially the hardtop styling on the station wagons. This 1964 Chrysler Newport found on Collector Car Ads for $7,995 is a clean example that comes with a very rare floor shift 3 speed manual. A good amount of work has been put into this car including refurbishing the electrical system, the brake system and the exhaust. The engine and transmission have been rebuilt as well as the rear window assembly. Cosmetically the car has been repainted and the interior re-upholstered. A 3-ring binder full of documents, photos and manuals support the work that has been put into this wagon.


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Wild West Wagon: 1956 Chrysler Ghia Plainsman Concept Car

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Take 1950′s Virgil Exner styling and combine it with Americas passion for Westerns and this is what you get. This one and only 1956 Chrysler Plainsman concept found on ebay was on the car show circuit for 1956 and ended up in Cuba with a banker until Castro took over. Luckily it made it out of Cuba safely- can you imagine if this car stayed in Cuba? The car had advanced styling cues and mechanical functions including a rear facing power flattening¬† back seat, step plates that came out of the rear bumper, a spare tire that fit under the rear fender and a gas cap under the left rear taillight, that sucks in under vacuum to expose the filler cap for filling the car with gasoline. As part of the Western motif the interior seats were finished in “unborn calf skin” which begs the question what’s the difference between “unborn calfskin” and “newborn calfskin”?

1956 Chrysler Plainsman

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Brown Beauty: 1972 Chrysler Town & Country

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Not the biggest station wagon ever produced but this 1972 Town & Country found on Hemmings seems to go on forever.¬† Chrysler’s top of the line wagon came with a 440 engine, power windows, dual power seats. power locks and power brakes. The owner says the original owners manual, warranty book and build sheet are also included. The odometer read 80,000 miles and this car appears to be a well maintained survivor. Even as nice as it is the asking price of $16,900 seems a little steep but when was the last time you saw on of these that wasn’t beat to hell or a complete rust bucket?

1972 Chrysler Town and Country

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