Chevy Powered: 1965 Studebaker Wagonaire

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Studebaker was in dire straits by 1965. The South Bend plant had closed in late 1963 and production was consolidated to the last remaining production plant in Hamilton Ontario. It would be just a few more years before the plug was finally pulled on March 16, 1966. Despite the woes that the company had been going through since the mid 1950′s Studebaker produced some of the more innovative cars of the time including the Studebaker Wagonaire that had a short run in the final three years of Studebaker.  The wagonaire was a restyled Lark that had a distinctive rear roof that slid forward greatly expanding the cargo space. Studebaker advertising promoted their unique roof feature by showing families loading up in the open cargo area with kids, dogs and even a playground slide; actions that would get you pulled over nowadays!

This 1965 Wagonaire is a beautifully restored rat rod is a beautifully restored wagon that for the most part retains its original look with some nice performance upgrades. The Studebaker is listed on Ebay and located in Ferndale, Washington.

1965 Studebaker Wagonaire 1

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41,387 Miles: 1964 Studebaker Commander

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Update 3/13/2012: Car sold for $11,250

Last week we featured a very nice original fixed roof 1964 Studebaker Commander  that ended up selling for $6,500. The losing bidders have a second change as another fixed roof 1964 Commander is up for bid on Ebay. A few more photos would help us give a better evaluation but from what we can see and based on the sellers description this 41,000 mile Commander is original in every way right down to the gold factory paint that still shines like new. A certificate of originality comes with the car allowing it compete in the Historical Preservation Class.

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1964 Studebaker Commander

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Update 3/6/2012: Car sold for $6,500

When Studebaker came out with the sliding roof station wagon in 1963 it was a pretty innovative design. Studebaker advertising showed the practicality of an open roof wagon with demonstrations of the extra cargo carrying capacity the open roof added. There was even a commercial with a very large dog standing in the back of the wagon with plenty of open air room. Apparently it wasn’t long before roof leaks and rattles became a problem with the sliding roof so a closed roof wagon was rushed into production for 1964.

This ‘closed roof’ Commander found on Ebay is a California black plate car from a 40 year Studebaker collector. It is described as a great driver quality car that runs and drives smoothly with its 259 V8. Electronic ignition has been added as well as new tires in the correct size, fuel pump, front shocks, valve cover gaskets, front brake wheel cylinders, brake master cylinder, spark plug wires, motor mounts, all headlights, tail light lenses and very expensive LeBaron Bonney seat covers over the faded but very intact original upholstery. An added bonus on this car are the very cool original stainless steel wind deflectors and a nice collection of vintage vacation decals.


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Supercharged: 1963 Studebaker Daytona Wagonaire

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Update 11/13/2011: Car sold for $15,601 exceeding the sellers BIN of $12,200.

With only fifteen 1963 Studebaker Wagonaires equipped with the R2 supercharged 289 this is indeed a rare wagon. Add to it a 4-speed manual transmission and it is likely that the remaining ’63 Wagonaires with this powertrain combination can be counted on one hand. Mostly reserved for the Avanti, the R2 could be ordered for your otherwise pedestrian Lark. Suddenly your family errand run was a scream with the 289 horses under the hood.

This Wagonaire found on Ebay  with a BIN price of $12,200, comes with the Daytona trim option that includes front bucket seats, a center console, and a side spear. The engine was rebuilt about ten years ago and has the factory Avanti Carb with correct supercharger pieces. The car was also repainted about ten years ago and is described as ‘not a perfect show car’

Overall the car looks solid but in need of some good detailing in and out. The Studebaker Wagonaires had the unique sliding rear roof and were only produced from 1963 until Studebaker’s demise in 1966. A nice find for Studebaker and wagon enthusiasts alike.

1963 Studebaker Daytona Wagonaire

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Barrett-Jackson Wagon Finds

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With the just concluded Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Here are a few of the more interesting station wagons that crossed the block.

1962 Rambler Cross Country  $13,200

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Beach Ready: 1962 Rambler Cross Country

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Update 12/17/2009: Bidding topped out at $9, 858 but the reserve was not met.

Sensible and economic as Ramblers and their owners tended to be, this well preserved Cross Country was owned by the head lifeguard form the city of Santa Barbara form new until his death in 2008.  Having walked to work most of his career, the Rambler has amassed only 49,00o miles on the odometer in it’s lifetime.  Offered on Ebay the Cross-Country station wagon model 6218-2 came with the following factory options: 3-speed push button “Flashmatic” transmission, HD cooling system, back-up lights, “Weather-Eye” ventilation system, full reclining seats, blue tinted glass, oil bath air cleaner, oil filter, padded dash, HD springs, twin circuit brakes and the “Custom” trim level.
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Rare Find: 1955 Studebaker Conestoga Champion Wagon

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2 Door wagons can’t be beat and a rare 1955 Studebaker is a sight to behold. This restored beauty just came out of a 3 year restoration and comes equipped with 185 cubic inch Victory 6 cylinder engine, 3 speed manual transmission, color keyed factory wheels with 6.70-15 BF Goodrich Silver Town wide white wall tires, full factory wheel discs, correct fishtail exhaust tip, fully detailed undercarriage, front windshield visor, chrome and gold a plated hood ornament, and correct original exterior colors of Coral and White.  Found on Ebay this Studebaker is as nice as you’ll find.


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