Slant Six: 1963 Plymouth Valiant V200

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The rise in competition from European imports that were affordable and economical led in part to the Big 3 introducing true compacts in model year 1960. Chevy had the Corvair, Ford the Falcon and Chrysler corporation introduced the Valiant which was supposed to be a brand of its own; in fact, you won’t see any Plymouth badging on a 1960 model nor was Plymouth or Chrysler mentioned in the advertising. Styling was, well controversial. You either loved them or hated them. Early Valiants were available with aluminum block engines shaving precious pounds away. By 1963 the aluminum block engines were gone due to reliability issues but the cast iron 225 was here to stay as it proved to be bullet proof.

This 1963 Valiant V200 which was the top level wagon, can be found on Hemmings with a negotiable price of $12,500. The owner originally purchase the car for his father in law who was looking for a Valiant wagon to restore. He had the quarter panels replaced, re-chromed the bumpers and had the car repainted.

1963 Plymouth Valiant Staion Wagon 1

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Air-Grain: 1967 Plymouth Fury

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True woodies were gone by 1967, a victim of the expense and effort it took to maintain a car finished in wood. By the 1960′s faux woodgrain and plastic was widely used to maintain the handsome woody look that was still in demand. Fast forward 40 plus years later and we have a new take on the woody wagon- a 1967 Plymouth Fury III found on Ebay with a pretty amazing airbrushed woodgrain finish. This is probably a love it or hate it car but for me I think it’s a very cool wagon.

Once you’ve admired painted woodgrain, there is a nice solid car to behold. Extremely clean in and out, the Fury comes with a 383 V8, automatic transmission and ice cold factory air. The massive Fury is said to start right up and drive and run very well.

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Utilitarian Hauler: 1952 Plymouth Suburban

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Update 3/8/2012: Car sold for $16,500

This 1952 Plymouth Suburban found on Ebay is a no frills family hauler but the impressive restoration and the fact that you rarely see these makes this a pretty nice wagon find. The seller stated that a full nut and bolt restoration was completed in December of 2011. It also comes with complete documentation going back to the day it was purchased in March of 1952 including the original title and owners manual.

Both the interior and exterior are described as near perfect with every component either replaced or refurbished. The paint job is said to have been done by the best “Denver can offer.”

The 6 cylinder engine matched with a 3 on the tree manual transmission reflect the utilitarian look of the wagon.

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Super Solid: 1966 Plymouth Fury II

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Found at RK Motors with an asking price of $16,900 is this 1966 Plymouth Fury II station wagon. A true survivor, the massive Fury was born at Chrysler’s Belvedere, Illinois plant on February 22, 1966 and was purchased by it’s first owner a few weeks later where it spent most of it’s life in Bismark, North Dakota. Still wearing 100% of its original sheet metal and finished in “Bronze Metallic”, the body only show minimal signs of wear and tear.

The inside appears as nice as the exterior with only minimal wear on the original seat covers. The dash, headliner, carpet and door panels are also in excellent shape.

Powering the wagon is a 318 V8 matched with an A727 Torqueflight automatic transmission. Heavy duty drum brakes and a heavy duty suspension are said to help give the Fury a ride not much different than a modern pickup truck. Modern 15 inch Magnum 500′s have been added along with B.F Goodrich radial T.A’s but the original steel wheels and hubcaps are included.

Adding to the originality is documentation that includes the original owners manual, dealers Certicard and maintenance cards, 1966 Popular Science articles about the Fury and written service records by the original owner.

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Super Solid: 1958 Plymouth Suburban

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Update 2/5/2012: The Plymouth sold for $18,900

A full body on restoration was finished recently on this Ebay find 1958 Plymouth Suburban. The restoration included all new 2 tone green paint, chrome, exhaust and tires. The interior is mostly new with the exception of the headliner and door panels that are described as being in excellent condition.

The seller describes the Plymouth’s mechanicals as being rebuilt with the car driving as new. The engine compartment is completely detailed as well as the undercarriage and the trunk.

Despite not being the top of the line wagon from Plymouth as that distinction went to the Sport Suburban, this wagon should easily bring 20K.


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Brown Beauty: 1971 Plymouth Fury

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Update: 1/18/2012: Car sold for $8,000.

With only 14,125 miles on the odometer this Ebay find 1971 Plymouth Fury Custom Suburban is a 2 owner car that is part of an estate sale. Great fuselage styling and a chocolate brown exterior that works perfectly for the era make this Fury a crowd pleaser that is sure to invoke stories of family wagon trips from those of us who grew up in the wagon era. Air conditioning and a third seat would make it more desirable, but with the low miles and near pristine condition of this wagon there is plenty to like.

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