One Owner: 1964 Ford Country Sedan

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This 1964 Ford Country Sedan is an exceptional one owner 9 passenger wagon with just 74,000 original miles. Unfortunately the seller doesn’t give us too many pictures but what he did post leaves me wanting to see much more. Here’s what we do know- the car was repainted in 2000, the interior is all original and described as immaculate, there are 3 bench seats and it is powered by a 289 V8 with a cruise-o-matic transmission. That’s it! Show us more! You can find this beauty on Craigslist near Minneapolis with a $20,000 asking price.

1964 Ford Country Sedan 1

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Out of Storage: 1962 Ford Country Squire

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I’m a huge fan of Fords Squire wagons. Maybe more than any other station wagon they evoke the idea the American vacation where Dad wakes up the kids at the crack of dawn, loads up the crew in the freshly washed and waxed wagon and heads to the Grand Canyon complete with all the hokey roadside attractions only to find that Missy doesn’t do so well without her Dramamine- should’ve opted for the expensive air conditioning!

This 1962 Ford Country Squire is out of long term storage and ready to see the light of day once again. The seller has owned the car for 30 years and had purchased it from the original owner where it had been garaged its whole life. After his purchase it was used as a daily driver for a few years before going into long term storage.  The Country Squire is listed on Ebay and located in Bangor, Pennsylvania.

1962 Ford Country Squire

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Solid Driver: 1969 Ford Fairlane

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This 1969 Ford Fairlane looks like a nice solid wagon that shouldn’t break the bank for someone looking for a cool driver.  The owner claims that there are just 20,000 original miles but I’m not so convinced. His story has a a little old lady originally buying it and putting just 14,000 miles on it before the second owner put the remaining miles on over many years of ownership. There was a repaint about 20 years ago that shows its age but still good enough to look good as a daily driver. You can find this Fairlane on Ebay in Argyle, Texas.

1969 Ford Fairlane 1

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Cool Blue: 1976 Ford E-150

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If you didn’t live through the 70′s you may not realize how big the customized van craze became. What began as a way to create a party pad on wheels by personalizing your van space and adding a custom paint job soon turned into a full blown industry of dedicated customizers, van shows, magazines, songs and movies. I remember going to my local drive-in in 1977 to see ‘The Van”, the story of Bobby blowing his college savings to buy a customized 1977 Dodge Tradesman all for the purpose of course to party and get some girls. George Barris actually did the customization for the Dodge and there was also the number one song ‘Chevy Van’ that came out of the movie. I guess ‘Dodge Van’ just didn’t roll off the lips the same way.

Most of these vans were driven into oblivion or if they survived, re-purposed losing their original customized features so it’s fairly rare to see a nicely intact 70′s custom van like this 1976 Ford E-150. The story of “Cool Blue’ is it was originally airbrushed by Iowa artist George Sedlak who became well known for painting many of Evil Knievel’s helmets, motorcycles and jackets. With an asking price of $25,000, this 70′s ‘Shaggin’ Wagon’ can be found on Collector Car Ads in Newton, Iowa.

1976 Ford E-150 1

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Montana or Bust: 1960 Ford Falcon

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Is it me or does Montana seem to have a nice supply of original classic cars? Out of Shelby, Montana and listed on Collector Car Ads at a price of  $3,150 is this sharp 1960 Ford Falcon station wagon. Not much of a description is given by the seller other than ‘Three speed, runs good, no major deficiencies.’ The photos show what appears to be a very solid looking Falcon, a car that was the sales leader of American compacts when it was introduced in 1960. The asking price seems a bargain, and if the seller could inspire enough confidence with more pictures and some further detailed information this one might be worth the spin of the wheel to have delivered to your front door.

1961 Ford Falcon Station Wagon 1

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Drive as is or Restore? 1961 Ford Country Sedan

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This is the kind of car that at first glance I see an easy restoration. The interior is in great shape. Mechanically the car is described as being trouble free and the body is straight and relatively rust free with the chrome and brightwork looking very nice as well. A good paint job and a little bit of detailing and this Ford wagon will be near its original glory. On the other hand the patina looks great so why bother? You could have yourself a great car as is and enjoy the 56 years of built up character. Find it here on Ebay where at the time of this posting there has been heavy bidding.

1961 Ford Country Sedan 1

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California Clean: 1960 Ford Country Sedan

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The mid level offering from Ford’s full size wagon lineups, this 1960 Country Sedan appears to have lived a pampered life from birth. Listed on Ebay the seller gives little information about the wagon’s history other than it seems to be in all original condition with the exception of one repaint. No information is given about the running condition but the mileage is showing a hair under 100K.

1960 Ford Country Sedan Wagon 1

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70′s Flashback: 1979 Ford Fairmont Squire

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When the oil embargo hit in 1973 Detroit was ill prepared to offer consumers economical cars to counter skyrocketing gas prices. The Ford Fairmont, introduced in 1978 symbolized Americas shift from gas guzzling boats to a more practical means of transportation and the Fairmont became an immediate hit becoming one of the most successful first year models of all time.

This 1979 Fairmont station wagon found on Ebay is said to be a one owner car 40,450 original miles and based on the pictures that reveal a very original looking engine bay and a solid and clean underside it’s clear that this is a low mileage car. The car is said to drive very nice and straight without any leaks. The factory air, power windows and radio all work without any issues. The interior looks clean with minimal wear. The seller says the seats are leather but we’re not sure leather was an option on the Fairmont so we’re not convinced.

The exterior looks very clean with minimal wear and some bubbling to the vinyl paneling. Though not a car that would be a hit at the car shows, This Fairmont would make a great driver that has enough of curiosity factor to make it interesting. The seller has a BIN of $10,000, but we think a realistic price is more than half that.

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1950 Ford Woodie

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This 1950 Ford Woodie has undergone a complete stock restoration with every piece either repaired, refurbished or replaced. The only deviation was installing carpet over the standard linoleum and rubber mats. Judging from the pictures the restoration looks outstanding. The ‘Hawthorne Green’ paint shines deeply, the woodwork, chrome and interior is beautiful and the engine bay is clean and detailed.

You can find this Ford woodie at Collector Car Ads for $51,500.

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1953 Ford Ranch Wagon

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Found on Hemmings with an asking price of $24,500 is this 1953 Ford Ranch Wagon. Brought out of storage after 17 years, the 2 door wagon was reconditioned and then moved to Florida where the V8 engine was rebuilt. Since the rebuild the car has been driven about 1,500 miles. The wagon is finished in Cascade Green with a tan interior. Fenton headers with glasspack give this flathead V8 a unique sound. Everything is said to work except for the cigarette lighter, but really who would ever want to smoke in this beauty?

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