Stately: 1969 AMC Ambassador Diplomat

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This mostly original AMC Ambassador Diplomat was the top of the line offering from AMC in 1969. Located in Orlando, Florida and posted on Ebay in a no reserve auction there is plenty to like starting with the crisp conservative styling that was a hallmark of most of what came out of American Motors in the 1960′s. The seller states that the odometer reads 18,170 with no claims of originality. A close look at the pictures shows that there is enough of a patina to safely assume that the odometer has flipped. Being AMC’s top dog, this Ambassador is equipped with  a 343 V8 paired with a 4 barrel carburetor and a Borg Warner automatic transmission. There no description of any mechanical issues although the owner does state that the car is ‘running and driving.’ Power Steering, Power Brakes, Cruise Control and factory AC are also among the options although the seller does say that the AC is untested.

1969 AMC Ambassador station wagon 1

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Rusty Rat Rod: 1961 AMC Rambler

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Wearing a surface rust patina only a Western car could develop is this Ebay find 1961 AMC Rambler.  Period looking  graphics have been added and the well worn interior completes the derelict rat rod surf wagon look. Take a close look at the front of the car and you will see the ‘Rambler’ is now a ‘Remblar.’ The driving surprise of this wagon is the four way independent air bags that can be controlled by the driver under the dash. The wagon is said to drive well with its 6 cylinder engine and power brake and steering setup.

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Green Hornet: 1974 AMC Hornet Sportabout

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This 1974 AMC Hornet Sportabout station wagon found on Ebay is an 81,940 mile original California car that has a faded paint patina that can only be found in a dry climate. Purchased from the original owners son, the car was trucked to Idaho where it currently resides. Upon arriving in Idaho the seller repaired a dent above the rear taillight and had the area painted to match the patina. NOS hatch hinges were replaced to fix a misalignment caused by the dent and a rear door handle was also replaced.

Following the body repair, the car was gone through mechanically where a small radiator leak was repaired. The points, plugs, wires, air filter, carburetor, heater hose, oil, filter and gas lines were replaced.  The brakes were also gone through and fixed as needed. The result is a car that runs, drives and stops as it should and also gets 26 mpg!


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19,000 Miles: 1981 AMC Concord

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Update 2/15/2012: The Concord sold for $4,450

It may not be the best looking station wagon we’ve featured on SWF, but this 1981 AMC Concord found on Ebay is said to have only 19,646 original miles. The low mileage and lack of collectability make this the perfect budget buy daily driver that will also attract a mild bit of curiosity.

The wagon is described as running well and looking good. There are a few rough spots on the interior including some rust spots around the rear ashtray and holes in the headliner, but otherwise the car looks very solid an original throughout.

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1977 AMC Pacer

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Update 12/13/2011: Car sold for $4,300

Nothing quite screams the 1970′s like an AMC does. Throw in the quintessential orange from the era and some wood siding and you have a complete 70′s package. This California blue plate 1977 AMC Pacer station wagon found on Ebay has the upgraded 258c.u. six with a 3 speed automatic transmission. With 104,662 miles on the odometer the owner says the car runs great with now smoke or noise.

The body was recently professionally repainted and the wood trim and moldings were re-grained. The grill and bumpers are described as being in good condition with no dents.

The interior of the Pacer has been redone with both front and rear seats re-upholstered. The headliner and dash is described as beautiful with no cracks. The car does have factory air but it will need work.

The only thing this Pacer wagon needs is a complementary twin- In Avacado Green of course!


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Magnificant Matador: 1977 AMC

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Update 11/12/2011: The Matador sold for $6,900

I’m going to go out on a limb and call this the finest 1977 AMC Matador station wagon in existence. After all when was the last time you’ve seen a Matador wagon, let alone one that is this pristine. From the exterior color which is officially named ‘Tawny Orange’  to the plaid interior the car just screams 1970′s.

This 55,000 mile example found on ebay is a 9 passenger wagon equipped with the optional 304 V8 and automatic transmission. Additional options include factory air conditioning, full wheel covers, roof rack and an AM/FM radio. The seller states that everything works inside and out and that it drives like new. All the body panels and brightwork are described as perfect.

1977 AMC Matador Station Wagon

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