Mustang Wagon: 1965 Mustang

Filed Under (Ford) by Station Wagon Finder on 12-02-2011

I’m a big fan of Mustangs and I’m a big fan of vintage station wagons, so its seems a given that a Mustang wagon would be a perfect fit of sportiness and quirkiness for me, but I have to admit I’m on on the fence about this one.  Customized Mustang wagons have been around since the cars inception, but I have such a predisposed image of what a Mustang should be it’s hard for me to love this car. That said, this Mustang wagon found at RK Motors with an asking price of $54,900 looks like a high quality conversion.

The exterior of the car maintains it’s mid-60′s look with some added touches that includes Shelby striping and a fiberglass hood with an integrated scoop. The interior maintains a stock feel with an added front bench seat for that wagon feel.  The modern drivetrain is impressive: A Ford 5.0L V8, a T5 5-speed manual and a Ford 8-inch rear end sporting 3.00 gears.







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