Far Out: 1977 Volkswagen Hippie Bus

Filed Under (Volkswagen) by Station Wagon Finder on 02-20-2012

Update 3/8/2012: Car sold for $6,488

Sure to draw plenty of attention and the perfect vehicle for a road trip to Burning Man is this 1977 Volkswagen Vanagon Hippie Bus. I saw a similar van at a rest stop several years ago and the attention the car was getting was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Found on Ebay and naturally from California, the VW van was painted last year by “Art Kids of San Diego” a group that develops and markets young artists. Over 100 man hours were spent painting the over 100 sixties icons. Since then it has appeared on KUSI TV twice, been to several car shows and has been written up in San Diego Better Homes and Garden. The past four moths the van has resided at the San Diego Automotive Museum.

All the amenities for a comfortable camping trip are included and there is enough room to sleep 8 if the side tent is used.

Mechanically the 2.0 liter engine has been rebuilt and the front brakes, battery fuel injection air/fuel mixture box have recently been replaced.


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