California Clean: 1960 Ford Country Sedan

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The mid level offering from Ford’s full size wagon lineups, this 1960 Country Sedan appears to have lived a pampered life from birth. Listed on Ebay the seller gives little information about the wagon’s history other than it seems to be in all original condition with the exception of one repaint. No information is given about the running condition but the mileage is showing a hair under 100K.

1960 Ford Country Sedan Wagon 1

The body appears very straight  and the ‘Yosemite Yellow’ paint looks very presentable along with the chrome and trim pieces. There is no mention of rust but if the car has spent it’s life in California where it currently resides any rust issues are likely minimal.

1960 Ford Country Sedan Wagon 2

Fins were never the rage for Ford the way they were for GM and Chrysler but the somewhat restrained fins on 1960 Fords look great and work very well on the wagons.

1960 Ford Country Sedan Wagon 3

This looks to be the optional 300 HP 4V 352ci V8 which should give it plenty of power. It’s pretty clear that the engine and compartment has been repainted and while the blue does not seem correct for 1960 Ford engines it still looks presentable. No mention of the transmission from the seller but the automatic options would have been either a two-speed Ford-O-Matic or the dual-range Cruise-O-Matic.

1960 Ford Country Sedan Wagon 4

1960 Ford Country Sedan Wagon 4

The teal interior works very well with the pale yellow exterior and it looks to be in fantastic shape with just minimal cloth wear or staining. Door panels look equally nice with some minor curling.

1960 Ford Country Sedan Wagon 6

1960 Ford Country Sedan Wagon 7

The cargo area is also very clean with little evidence of scuffing or heavy usage over it’s 57 year life span.

1960 Ford Country Sedan Wagon 8

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