Cool Blue: 1976 Ford E-150

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If you didn’t live through the 70′s you may not realize how big the customized van craze became. What began as a way to create a party pad on wheels by personalizing your van space and adding a custom paint job soon turned into a full blown industry of dedicated customizers, van shows, magazines, songs and movies. I remember going to my local drive-in in 1977 to see ‘The Van”, the story of Bobby blowing his college savings to buy a customized 1977 Dodge Tradesman all for the purpose of course to party and get some girls. George Barris actually did the customization for the Dodge and there was also the number one song ‘Chevy Van’ that came out of the movie. I guess ‘Dodge Van’ just didn’t roll off the lips the same way.

Most of these vans were driven into oblivion or if they survived, re-purposed losing their original customized features so it’s fairly rare to see a nicely intact 70′s custom van like this 1976 Ford E-150. The story of “Cool Blue’ is it was originally airbrushed by Iowa artist George Sedlak who became well known for painting many of Evil Knievel’s helmets, motorcycles and jackets. With an asking price of $25,000, this 70′s ‘Shaggin’ Wagon’ can be found on Collector Car Ads in Newton, Iowa.

1976 Ford E-150 1

If you’ve never seen ‘The Van’ check out this clip of Bobby taking his girl to the beach van show.

1976 Ford E-150 2

1976 Ford E-150 3

Talk about a time warp! The interior looks absolutely intact from the day it was customized 40 years ago. The seller give no indication of the mechanical condition of the van other than the 351 Windsor engine was rebuilt 5,000 miles ago.

1976 Ford E-150 4

1976 Ford E-150 5

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