Solid Driver: 1969 Ford Fairlane

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This 1969 Ford Fairlane looks like a nice solid wagon that shouldn’t break the bank for someone looking for a cool driver.  The owner claims that there are just 20,000 original miles but I’m not so convinced. His story has a a little old lady originally buying it and putting just 14,000 miles on it before the second owner put the remaining miles on over many years of ownership. There was a repaint about 20 years ago that shows its age but still good enough to look good as a daily driver. You can find this Fairlane on Ebay in Argyle, Texas.

1969 Ford Fairlane 1

I love a no frills car with dog dish hub caps and they’re my favorite feature on this Fairlane wagon. The 27 years old tires are said to work well but for me I’m changing them first thing. This car has spent its entire life in Oklahoma and Texas and with the hot summers they have the original owner was wise to order the car with AC which is said to blow cold and without issue. Mechanically the 302 v8 is said to have no issues, just get in and drive. The drum brakes work fine and stop like, well drum brakes would be expected to stop.

1969 Ford Fairlane 2

1969 Ford Fairlane 3

There is rust at the bottom of the tailgate but otherwise there are no rust issues reported. The original dealer decal can be seen on the bumper.

1969 Ford Fairlane 4
The interior looks nice with no tears or cracks evident in the seats or dash. Some minimal fading can be seen in some of the areas but overall the interior presents well for an original almost 50 year old car.

1969 Ford Fairlane 5

1969 Ford Fairlane 6

1969 Ford Fairlane 7

There is third row seating bit no pictures were posted. The seller says the third row seat still has the original factory plastic intact, evidence that the seat my have never been used. The engine bay looks clean and has potential to really pop with a simple detail. Although I’m not convinced of the mileage claim, this is a great looking diver. The kind of car to just own and enjoy or if you want to get ambitious a new paint job and some detailing will take it to the next level.

1969 Ford Fairlane 8

1969 Ford Fairlane 9

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