Packardbaker: 1958 Packard Station Wagon

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Update 3/13/3009- Reserve was not met as bidding reached $25,008

The last few years of Packard were not good ones. By 1957 all production had been moved to the Studebaker plant in South Bend and there was no budget for design. Designers had to be creative in trying to turn a Studebaker into a Packard. The result was odd to say the least. The budget was so low that cars weren’t even named. This one is just Packard Station Wagon. These Packards are very rare with only 2,622 models manufactured but the wagon was the rarest model with only 159 produced and only 20 remaining examples. Found on Ebay this Packard comes with A/C (not working) and a hideaway seat. A last gasp of air from the luxury car maker that only 30 years earlier was the best selling luxury make in America.

Tail lights were from the 56 Clipper parts bin. Not to be out-finned, Packard designers grafted a second fin on top of the first.
Quad headlights were all the rage in 58. Packards attempt look a little awkward.


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