Drive as is or Restore? 1961 Ford Country Sedan

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This is the kind of car that at first glance I see an easy restoration. The interior is in great shape. Mechanically the car is described as being trouble free and the body is straight and relatively rust free with the chrome and brightwork looking very nice as well. A good paint job and a little bit of detailing and this Ford wagon will be near its original glory. On the other hand the patina looks great so why bother? You could have yourself a great car as is and enjoy the 56 years of built up character. Find it here on Ebay where at the time of this posting there has been heavy bidding.

1961 Ford Country Sedan 1

The seller claims that there are just 48,000 original miles and that during his 11,000 mile ownership the miles have been trouble free. With the sheen on the paint long gone and the hood paint down to primer it’s clear that there were many years of outdoor storage.

1961 Ford Country Sedan 2

1961 Ford Country Sedan 3

The thin pillars allowed for an almost unobstructed 360 degree view. Ford was never big on fins and in 1961 we saw the final hint of them. The dog dish wheel covers always look good on the cars of this era.

1961 Ford Country Sedan 4

The seller states that the tailgate works fine from either the dash or using the key. The only rust issue described is in the tailgate area. I believe ‘Nixon’s the One’ was used in his 1960 campaign and ‘Nixon Now’ was the slogan for his campaign in 1972 but I digress!

1961 Ford Country Sedan 5

The cargo area shows some normal wear and fading that would be expected.

1961 Ford Country Sedan 6

The cloth interior seat covers look to be in remarkable condition. The seller did install new full carpets and an AM/FM stereo with an ipod adapter. Personally I always cringe when I see the kick panels cut and ‘modern’ speakers installed. Put a portable Beats Pill in the car and you’ll have decent sound!

1961 Ford Country Sedan 7

1961 Ford Country Sedan 8

The powerplant is the original 292V8 with the Ford-O-Matic transmission. Although the engine is original, the valve covers look like they’re from a 1955-1957 Thunderbird. Power steering was also ordered and always a nice option to have.

1961 Ford Country Sedan engine 9




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