Out of Hibernation: 1963 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta

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After sitting for the past 15-20 years this Olds Super 88 Fiesta is back on the road and up for auction on Ebay in Titusville, Pennsylvania, The story goes that it the owners daughter inherited it from her father after he passed away where he mostly used it for car shows. The odometer is showing just 31,683 miles and is said to be original. Years of sitting required some work to get it roadworthy including a rebuild of the original alternator, starter, carburetor and fuel pump. A new air filter, spark plugs, water pump, brake hoses, brake lines, wheel cylinders and master cylinder were added as well.

1963 Oldsmobile station wagon 1

An impressive list of options were ordered on this handsome Olds including air conditioning, cruise control, auto dim head lights, tilt wheel, power windows, power seats, and a roof rack. No mention is given about the working condition of the air conditioning. The pictures show that the drivers side fender needs some work but otherwise the paint, trim and chrome look very nice.

1963 Oldsmobile station wagon 2

1963 Oldsmobile station wagon 3

The tail of this Oldsmobile has terrific styling. I’ve always loved the how the angular fins merge into the tail lights on 1963 Oldsmobiles. Note the spacial ‘Fiesta’ badging.

1963 Oldsmobile station wagon 4

You don’t see many white interiors on wagons form this era or on wagons from any era for that matter but the color combination looks great and the seats, door panels and carpet look to be in good shape.

1963 Oldsmobile station wagon 5

1963 Oldsmobile station wagon 6

1963 Oldsmobile station wagon 7

Put the backseat down and the cargo space becomes massive. How many sheets of 4′x8′ plywood can fit one wonders.

1963 Oldsmobile station wagon 8

The 394 Skyrocket V8 is said to run well and should provide ample power.

1963 oldsmobile engine picture



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