20,500 Miles: 1965 Dodge Custom 880

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Update 1/22/2017: Car sold for $6,700. Well bought!

Low mileage wagons are tough to find.  After all most of them were used to haul families on  long vacations and generally were subject to plenty of wear and tear so it’s always nice to see an intact low mileage survivor like this Dodge Custom 880. The Custom 880 was the middle range full size Dodge for 1965 with the Polara being the top of the line offering and the Monaco being the entry level selection. The seller of this wagon lists the mileage at 20,500 but doesn’t offer any documentation or a history in his short description but the overall condition of the car definitely support that this is a low mileage survivor. This Dodge can be found on Ebay and is located in South Woodstock, Connecticut.

1965 dodge 880 1

There is no mention of the originality of the paint but it looks to be in excellent condition. The faux wood applique which was prone to fading and peeling also looks excellent. I love the spinner hubs and the big roof rack.

1965 dodge 880 2

The deep red interior looks outstanding with no visible wear on the seats, door panels or carpeting. I would love to see pictures of the chrome adorned dash that is a high point of these mid sixties Dodge’s.

1965 dodge 880 3

1965 dodge 880 5

1965 dodge 880 5

The biggest weakness of this Dodge is the engine bay that could use a good detailing. There should be plenty of power with the 383 V8. Power steering, power brakes and an automatic transmission will help to navigate this Mopar beast!

1965 dodge 880 6

1965 dodge 880 7

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