German Micro: 1958 Lloyd Alexander

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Micro cars certainly have taken off in popularity the past few years so when I came across this Lloyd Alexander estate wagon it grabbed my attention.  Admittedly I had never heard of such a car as a Lloyd but a little research shows that they were popular in Germany during the 1950′s and for awhile number three in sales only behind Volkswagen and Opel. A fair amount of them actually made it over to the states but with the company folding in 1961 and a limited network of parts, it’s hard to imagine many surviving today. Take a look at how nice these are in restored condition.  This 1958 Alexander needs a lot of work but with the exception of a missing back seat and some lenses missing it looks mostly complete and fairly solid. The car is listed on Craigslist for $3,200 OBO and can be found in Rapid City, Michigan.

1958 llioyd alexander 1

1958 llioyd alexander 1a

This Lloyd Alexander came with a 600 cc 2 cylinder engine, 4 speed trans axle and 15 inch tires which were huge for a micro car. The odometer shows just 30,500 miles. The seller states that the motor turns over but it’s safe to assume it doesn’t run. Performance for these 19hp cars was well, as expected underwhelming with a 0-60 performance at nearly a minute but who needs performance when you can pull up and pop open the very cool suicide doors! This would be a great project for any micro car enthusiast who has the time and patience to bring it back to its original glory.

1958 llioyd alexander 2

1958 llioyd alexander 3

1958 llioyd alexander 4

1958 llioyd alexander 5

1958 llioyd alexander 6

1958 llioyd alexander 7

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