Two Year Wonder: 1961 Chevrolet Corvair

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When Chevrolet introduced the Corvair in late 1959 it was an immediate success and within a couple of years there were a number of Corvair models available including a  nice lineup of work trucks and vans but the Corvair station wagon never really took off with wagons only being offered for 1961-62. Nearly 26,000 wagon were built for 1961 a nice number but still a fraction of what Ford was selling with the Falcon wagons. In 1962 there were only around 6,000 Corvair wagons built and the wagons fate was sealed.

This 1961 Corvair 500 station wagon was the entry level wagon offered but has been restored with many 1962 Monza features. The restoration was extensive and well documented making this one of the nicest Corvair wagons you’ll ever find. You can find it on Ebay in Delaware with a BIN of $18,500.

1961 Corvair station wagon 1

1961 Corvair station wagon 2

1961 Corvair station wagon 3

1961 Corvair station wagon 4

You would think that this Corvair is restored to a stock original ’61 but the changes that were made in the restoration include an upgraded and completely rebuilt 80HP engine, a 4 speed transmission to replace the original 3 speed, Monza upholstery and 1962 exterior trim. Over 200 photographs show the complete restoration of what was a New Mexico car with 82,000 mile and only minor surface rust.

1961 Corvair station wagon 5

1961 Corvair station wagon 6

1961 Corvair station wagon 7

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