Entry Level Beauty: 1963 Rambler 550

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This 1963 Rambler 550 was the perfect family hauler for the economically inclined. 1963 was a good year for AMC, good enough that the Rambler was awarded Motor Trends “Car of the year” Simple clean design was replacing the excess of the fifties and AMC had both good looks and practicality. AMC boasted that it’s “All-new Advanced Unit Construction” provided “vastly increased strength — permits long, flowing lines in a car almost 3 inches lower, yet with full headroom for six 6-footers, amazingly easier entrance and exit, with curved glass side windows that permit doors to curve into the roof.”

This Craigslist find with an asking price of $6.500 is said to be a virtually rust free Southern car but the provided pictures show some rust bubbling. Nevertheless, the car seems very clean and honest.

1963 Rambler 550 pic 1
The straight 6 engine is said to have 83,000 miles and is reported to run great. No mention of a repaint but there is just enough patina that it’s possible that the paint is original.
1963 Rambler 550 pic 2

1963 Rambler 550 pic 3
1963 Rambler 550 pic 4

The aqua blue color scheme is perfect for the era and is carried on through the interior.
1963 Rambler 550 pic 5
The seller states the a new correct interior was installed and it looks to be in excellent shape.
1963 Rambler 550 pic 6
1963 Rambler 550 pic 7


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