Sweeping Lines: 1968 Buick Sport Wagon

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The downward sweeping spear and portholes were trademarks of Buick in the 1950′s but both disappeared by early 1960′s with the downward spear making a bit of a comeback in the late 1960′s which is especially accentuated in this 1968 Buick Sport Wagon.  A well defined simulated wood applique is broken by the Buick’s sweeping look giving it one of the more unusual ‘wood wagon’ looks of the era. This Sport Wagon has the ‘Vista’ roof which was more known as an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser trademark. The Buick is listed on Ebay in Flager Beach, Florida

1968 Buick Sport Wagon 1

The redlines and factory rallye wheels truly give this Buick a nice sporty look. With the car located in Florida but sporting New York plates one wonders if this was a snowbird winter car. Mileage is listed at 83,000; pretty low for a nearly fifty year old car. The body is said to be completely original with some areas of paint repair that needed to be done when the car was in transport to the dealer in 1968.

1968 Buick Sport Wagon 2

1968 Buick Sport Wagon 3

The interior vinyl looks to be in excellent condition with the exception of the drivers side seat. Luckily replacement seat covers are readily available and affordable for ’68 Buicks. The seat repair would go a long way in making an already nice car really stand out.

1968 Buick Sport Wagon 3

1968 Buick Sport Wagon 4

The seller installed a modern stereo system that is housed in the glove compartment. There are two amplifiers and a sub woofer which should make for a great sound in this cavernous wagon. The sub woofer cleverly resides in a vintage Coleman cooler.

Speaking of sound, the seller added a dual Flowmaster exhaust which will give it a nice deep rumble. There is also an add on Sears air conditioner but no mention of it’s working condition. I’d like to know more about the mechanical condition of the car but the seller mentioned little information and no pictures were included. What we do know is the engine is a 2bbl 350 v8 and that it has power steering and power brakes.

1968 Buick Sport Wagon 5

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