Survivor: 1982 Mercedes 300TD

Filed Under (Mercedes) by Station Wagon Finder on 03-21-2012

It seems like there is always a nice supply of meticulously maintained 300 series Mercedes diesel wagons available on the market. Owners tend to be fanatic about maintenance and these cars seem to run forever. A Mercedes diesel with 150,000 miles can be considered low mileage and it’s not uncommon to see these last half a million miles or more.

With all the 300TD wagons we’ve come across over the past couple of years this Ebay find 1982 300TD is the nicest example we’ve seen. With only 86,466 miles on the odometer and a history of being fully maintained, this car looks nearly perfect inside and out.

Originally purchased through the European Delivery Program in February of 1982, the car was shipped to California where it was owned by a German machinist before being passed on to his son in 2008.

Never off the line speed burners, these wagons will give you the great road feel you would expect from a German car along with excellent gas mileage.


Finished in the original “Champagne Metallic” the paint still maintains a deep gloss with only a few blemishes. The chrome and bumpers are excellent with no tarnishing or fading.
With the seats covered in sheepskin since new and the carpets protected with a set of Mercedes coco floormats, the interior really stands out and is hard to tell from new. Heated, orthopedic seats were among the options ordered.

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