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This 1969 Cadillac DeVille station wagon is just 1 of  5 commissioned by Cadillac that year to be used at the Indianapolis 500 with the purpose of transporting VIP’s and corporate sponsors to and from the race. While Cadillac over the years would commission Hess & Eisenhardt and other coach builders, to produce low numbers of specialty station wagons and hearses, the makers of the Indy 500 Cadillac station wagons remains a mystery.

While production hardtop wagons hadn’t been seen in several years ending with Chrysler in the mid sixties it’s nice to see one last view of how clean a long roof is as a hardtop. The five Cadillac wagons ended up being sold through a Dallas car dealer and this one ended up servicing a cemetery in California.

Restored in 1998, the Cadillac had a complete mechanical restoration and was refinished in British Racing Green. Perhaps the most notable change was the interior which was trimmed in simulated alligator leather and looks absolutely fitting for a Cadillac of this era. You can find this Cadillac on Ebay in St. Louis, Missouri.

1969 Cadillac station wagon 1

During the restoration a 1970 grill replaced the original grill at the owners preference. The British Racing Green looks nice but the seller does say that its showing some age and has crazing and minor blemishes.

1969 Cadillac station wagon 2

1969 Cadillac station wagon 3

1969 Cadillac station wagon 4

1969 Cadillac station wagon 5

The simulated alligator leather was added in the 1998 restoration and along with the rest of the interior looks to be in fantastic shape. All the creature comforts that you would expect from a Cadillac are in working order.

1969 Cadillac station wagon 6

1969 Cadillac station wagon 7

1969 Cadillac station wagon 8

1969 Cadillac station wagon 9

A 472 CID V-8 engine (375 hp) with a Turbo Hydramatic three-speed automatic transmission give this Cadillac plenty of power. The odometer shows just over 124,000 miles.

1969 Cadillac station wagon 10


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