Canada Rare: 1957 Pontiac Pathfinder Sedan Delivery

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A first look at this Pontiac Sedan Delivery and one would surely think this is one sweet custom, after all Pontiac wasn’t making sedan deliveries in the late fifties right?  Well, in Canada you could purchase one but even there they were a rare sight as General Motors of Canada only produced 857 sedan deliveries in 1957. With such a low number produced there can only be a handful left today making this one the rarest of the rare.  The example here which can be found on Hemmings and located in Waterloo, Ontario is described as being ‘sympathetically restored as new.’ All the sheet metal is described as original with a high quality paint re-finish in ‘Imperial Ivory.’ The chrome and stainless are a combination of NOS parts and re-plating. The interior was restored in correct original Black/Charcoal cobblestone cloth and the rear cargo department is described as being well detailed. The power plant is the original 6 cylinder 261 cid with 3 speed standard shift on the column and equipped with overdrive. Mileage is showing just over 50,000 which the seller says lines up with the condition of the car. There is no price listed by the seller as the listing shows ‘inquire.’ Given the rarity and quality of the car this beauty won’t come cheap.

1957 Pontiac Sedan Delivery 1

1957 Pontiac Sedan Delivery 2

Luckily General Motors of Canada kept good production records showing this Pathfinder was number 521 of 857 that year. Paperwork also shows the original dealer, build date, color, engine and interior trim codes.

1957 Pontiac Sedan Delivery 3

1957 Pontiac Sedan Delivery 4

1957 Pontiac Sedan Delivery 5

1957 Pontiac Sedan Delivery 6

1957 Pontiac Sedan Delivery 7

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