2 Door Conversion: 1965 Buick Sport Wagon

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Buick Sport Wagons were pretty cool in their own right. You had the skyroof that was shared with the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, bucket seats and sporty wheels that maybe made it a nice compromise for the Father who really had his hopes set on something other than as practical as station wagon. You would think that with the moniker ‘Sport Wagon’ a 2 door version would be in order but Buick only offered 4 door wagons during its run of producing the Sport Wagon. Fast forward some 50 years and here we have it, a 2 door conversion that looks completely stock. Kudos to the builder who for executing the conversion so flawlessly. From time to time I’ll run across wagons converted to a 2 door version but usually they are customized heavily.

Located in Phoenix, you can find this Sport Wagon on Craigslist with an asking price of $25,000.

1965 Buick Sport Wagon 1

Combining sportiness and practicality Buick Sport Wagons were nice in their own right. Whats especially well done on this 2 door conversion is turning it into a hardtop as if it came off the assembly line that way.

1965 Buick Sport Wagon

1965 Buick Sport Wagon 2

1965 Buick Sport Wagon 3

1965 Buick Sport Wagon 4

1965 Buick Sport Wagon 5

1965 Buick Sport Wagon 6

Drive Train is a Chevy 350 which is backed by a 700R4. Seller gives no details about any mechanical issues but from a cosmetic point everything looks spot on in the pictures.

1965 Buick Sport Wagon 7

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