1947 Willys-Overland Jeep Station Wagon

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Returning WWII soldiers must have been thrilled to find they could purchase civilian production Jeeps upon returning home. After all, the MB Jeep was a durable and reliable workhorse perfect for those who needed a vehicle that was capable of driving on rough terrain. The CJ-2A was the civilian model of the MB Jeep that went into production in 1945. It was the first 4 wheel drive vehicle available to the American public.

The Willys-Overland Jeep wagon went into production in 1946 and over 300,000 were produced between 1946 and 1965. The early wagons were only available in a burgundy and cream color scheme.

This Hemmings find 1947 Jeep station wagon was fully restored by a a former Army National Guard motor pool mechanic. The 4 cylinder engine with overdrive gives the car great mileage. These Jeeps had a bare bones utilitarian interior, but the white seats with burgundy piping look great against the interior burgundy and the wood trimmed floors. An asking price of $34,900 seems a bit steep but this is one of the nicest ones we’ve seen.

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Fireball Powered: 1962 Buick Special

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This 1962 Buick Special station wagon is described as a ‘pristine original classic’ with just 47,285 miles on the odometer. The deep sculpting that defines a ’62 Buick works well on this wagon. Described as rust free throughout, there has been one repaint in the correct Mirror Magic Laquer paint that the seller says is an off white color. The pictures aren’t the greatest, but to us the color looks more like a light yellow. The all vinyl interior which was touted by Buick as ‘Childproof’ appears to have held up extremely well after 50 years. Mechanically the car is said to run, drive and stop well.

The ’62 Specials came with an all new “Fireball V6″ engine that was the first ever American produced V6.  The engine was derived from Buick’s 215 c.i. aluminum V8 and was basically the same architecture as the V8 minus 2 cylinders. Cast in iron, the V6 was cheaper than the aluminum V8 but added 35 lbs to the engine.

You can find this 1962 Buick on  Ebay.

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70′s Flashback: 1979 Ford Fairmont Squire

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When the oil embargo hit in 1973 Detroit was ill prepared to offer consumers economical cars to counter skyrocketing gas prices. The Ford Fairmont, introduced in 1978 symbolized Americas shift from gas guzzling boats to a more practical means of transportation and the Fairmont became an immediate hit becoming one of the most successful first year models of all time.

This 1979 Fairmont station wagon found on Ebay is said to be a one owner car 40,450 original miles and based on the pictures that reveal a very original looking engine bay and a solid and clean underside it’s clear that this is a low mileage car. The car is said to drive very nice and straight without any leaks. The factory air, power windows and radio all work without any issues. The interior looks clean with minimal wear. The seller says the seats are leather but we’re not sure leather was an option on the Fairmont so we’re not convinced.

The exterior looks very clean with minimal wear and some bubbling to the vinyl paneling. Though not a car that would be a hit at the car shows, This Fairmont would make a great driver that has enough of curiosity factor to make it interesting. The seller has a BIN of $10,000, but we think a realistic price is more than half that.

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Hemi Project: 1953 Chrysler Town & Country

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This 1953 Chrysler Town and Country station wagon found on Ebay is an early Hemi car ready for restoration. Only 1,242 were made, so remaining examples are few and far between. Surface rust is evident, but a lifetime in Arizona has helped in keeping the body and floors solid. All the interior and exterior trim pieces appear to be intact. The drivetrain is original including the 331 Hemi engine that is said to purr. Brake cylinders are needed but otherwise the car is said to in good mechanical condition. Power steering, brakes and Simplimatic transmission are among the features on this top of the line wagon.

As you can see, these cars are beautiful when finished. This one in the same ‘Sand Beige’ and ‘Metallic Brown’ finish sold at Barrett-Jackson a few years ago for $66,000.
1953 Chrysler Town & Country

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41,387 Miles: 1964 Studebaker Commander

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Update 3/13/2012: Car sold for $11,250

Last week we featured a very nice original fixed roof 1964 Studebaker Commander  that ended up selling for $6,500. The losing bidders have a second change as another fixed roof 1964 Commander is up for bid on Ebay. A few more photos would help us give a better evaluation but from what we can see and based on the sellers description this 41,000 mile Commander is original in every way right down to the gold factory paint that still shines like new. A certificate of originality comes with the car allowing it compete in the Historical Preservation Class.

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Final Touches: 1956 Chevrolet 210

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This 1956 Chevrolet 210 wagon found on Ebay only needs a few finishing touches to complete what has been an extensive exterior and interior restoration. Starting with an already solid California car, the wagon has been stripped down to bare metal and brought back to life by Lucky Chance Premier Body in Northern California. Along with the exterior restoration, the interior has been completely redone including new seats, carpets, door panels and headliner. The 210 wagon has a 350 engine with a 350 turbo tranny that is said to run great. The brakes and carb have been redone and a new set of points and plugs have been added. A few exterior and interior trim pieces need to be added and this car will be complete.

The 2 door body along with the fender skirts nicely accentuate the classic styling.

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Long Island Beauty: 1961 Chevrolet Impala Nomad

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Apparently New York is the place to find early 1960′s Chevy wagons with striking color combinations. A few months ago we featured a very original 1960 Nomad out of New York with a wonderful silver-blue exterior matched with a red interior. This 1961 Nomad found on Ebay has a two tone silver and white exterior with a red interior, a sharp combination indeed.

This Nomad is believed to have just 55,218 original miles although the owner cannot verify the mileage. From the pictures, the wagon appears to be a solid original. The mechanical components are said to be original and very well maintained and the car is described as being a very roadworthy solid driver. The interior seats, door panels and carpets are all original and in excellent condition. It’s not clear if the car has ever been repainted, but the floors, rockers and underside of the car are described as very solid. Options include power steering, brakes and a power tailgate window.

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1950 Ford Woodie

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This 1950 Ford Woodie has undergone a complete stock restoration with every piece either repaired, refurbished or replaced. The only deviation was installing carpet over the standard linoleum and rubber mats. Judging from the pictures the restoration looks outstanding. The ‘Hawthorne Green’ paint shines deeply, the woodwork, chrome and interior is beautiful and the engine bay is clean and detailed.

You can find this Ford woodie at Collector Car Ads for $51,500.

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Factory COPO: 1969 Chevrolet Kingswood

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Update 3/8/2012: Car sold for $22,500

Something a little different for today’s wagon find- A factory ordered race car 9 Passenger Kingswood wagon with a 427 big block. One of only two built, the 427 big block is blueprinted and balanced with 700 HP capable of an 11 second 1/4 mile at 117MPH. The Kingswood is said to hold many Michigan and Indiana 1/4 mile drag records. Priced at $22,500, you can find it at Ebay.

1969_chevrolet _kingswood_1
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1964 Studebaker Commander

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Update 3/6/2012: Car sold for $6,500

When Studebaker came out with the sliding roof station wagon in 1963 it was a pretty innovative design. Studebaker advertising showed the practicality of an open roof wagon with demonstrations of the extra cargo carrying capacity the open roof added. There was even a commercial with a very large dog standing in the back of the wagon with plenty of open air room. Apparently it wasn’t long before roof leaks and rattles became a problem with the sliding roof so a closed roof wagon was rushed into production for 1964.

This ‘closed roof’ Commander found on Ebay is a California black plate car from a 40 year Studebaker collector. It is described as a great driver quality car that runs and drives smoothly with its 259 V8. Electronic ignition has been added as well as new tires in the correct size, fuel pump, front shocks, valve cover gaskets, front brake wheel cylinders, brake master cylinder, spark plug wires, motor mounts, all headlights, tail light lenses and very expensive LeBaron Bonney seat covers over the faded but very intact original upholstery. An added bonus on this car are the very cool original stainless steel wind deflectors and a nice collection of vintage vacation decals.


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